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What is remarkable about Sam’s boats? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is remarkable about Sam’s boats?


They are of the same size.


They are designed and produced according to customers’ wishes.


They are designed by the customers.

: Hello everyone and welcome to our great outdoors program once again. I am happy to present our guest Sam Wilkinson the owner of a successful business. Welcome Sam.

: Good afternoon. I am very excited to be here as I listen to your program every Saturday. It is a privilege for me to be invited.

: Thank you. We are glad you could come. Our listeners are usually outdoor lovers so naturally they would like to know more about your business. Tell us about it please.

: Well I make wooden boats. They are mostly custom made boats. Its like when you decide you want to own a boat you come to me and ask for a design. I first make a small size model for you and then if you approve I build a real size one you choose your style your size and your color.

And I make it for you. Simple as that.

: I see before calling you to the studio. I've looked at some of the boat photos on your website. They are so different and each so unique it's amazing. And how did you come up with the idea of making wooden boats.

: Well I've been really fond of fishing since childhood and when I was a teenager my neighbour gave me a part time job at his woodshop. I became very skilled at woodwork and found myself really enjoying it but I just didn't know how to apply the skill. When I got older I worked for a while as a fishing guide and then it dawned on me that I could make my own boats and use them for fishing. That's when I seriously looked into this business.

: Was it your father that introduced you to fishing.

: My father was a blues songwriter. He was always on the road and my mum was working. So every summer I was dumped at my grandmother's house. She had a farm house and lots of land. There was a big river next to her house. That's where I learned all about nature and became who I really am. I was super happy to be out there when I started fishing. I liked it so much but I was focused on that one thing and became very good at it. It is amazing that the love for fishing has led you to your own boat building business

: But you mentioned that your father was a song writer. How did it feel to be a son of a famous person.

: It was quite interesting. My dad was often on the road and I missed him but I got to spend some time with him and that was great. I know all of his songs and I have taught myself to play the guitar as a tribute to my father. I felt he deserved that from me but I wouldn't want his life for myself or my family.

: Everyone chooses his own path that is very true. I know you have a son too. Are you planning to introduce him to your business when he is a bit older.

: Sure he already sails the boats with me when possible and I take him to the shop to help me with some work he can do some small jobs. You know it is good to teach your son to work with his own hands. There is so much satisfaction in the end product. I hope he grows in his skill with each day.

: That is great Sam. One last question for you today. Tell us please about your favorite thing to do fishing of course as I've mentioned before.

: I am a fanatic. I take my dog Foxie take my fishing rod my favorite boat that I made myself and go out on the river for half a day. I catch fish and let them go. Listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the scenery. There is no one out there usually so I can enjoy the peace and quiet sounds really tranquil.

: Maybe I will order a boat from you and go out fishing more often. This studio can get pretty hot in the summer. Some. Thank you so much for coming out. It was great getting to know you a little. Good luck.


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