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Jackie and her boyfriend have purchased an accommodation (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Jackie and her boyfriend have purchased an accommodation.


Jackie and Simon seem to split up soon.


Jackie teaches economics at the University.


David rents a flat.

Students in Claire’s class have been using diaries for 2 years.


Claire is satisfied with the way Peter’s worked with his diary.


Peter thinks diaries are useful if you have a bad memory.

: How are you hardworking. Thanks. I'm fine you.

: Same yeah. Have you heard my big news. Simon and I have finally bought a flat together. Isn't it nice.

: Yes it's great to be honest. I thought you'd already been living in your own house.

Anyway I'm happy for you. You are a perfect couple.

: Thanks. We also got married. Now I have to thank both. As a wife

: And as an economist as I study economics at the uni which means well you know it's safer to invest in property rather than any formal pension. Property prices are on the up. I suppose you can't really go wrong here. So in any case even if we split up it'll be a good investment.

: Yeah that's what I thought too. And there's also the rent issue. Prices in south London are. Listen I have been paying a rent of around a thousand pounds a month for years.

: Why dont you consider buying your own house. You should think of investing in your future instead of the future of your landlady.

: Well we'd love to. We were even thinking about consulting with a specialist. Can you share your experience with us.

: You know personally even though our flat is small it's great to be homeowners that last professionally we should think further and consider getting a bigger one in a few years.

: Well I'm glad you thinking about your future. I don't know whether it's a good time to buy though surely property prices can go up for years and years. Wouldn't it have been better to wait a bit stop worrying.

: You're worse than my ma'am. We have looked into this carefully. Simon knows more than me because he works in banking. There is no evidence that prices will fall. There was a report in The Economist The other day and according to it. House prices are high just about everywhere and there's no sign that the trend is going to change.

: Yeah well we know what Simon is like. He's got a good head for a few years and he isn't one to take risks.

: Exactly. When you and waves can meet us on the weekend. You can see our new accommodation and then we could have lunch there. SIMON And I will try to answer your questions about buying property now if you aren't that's a brilliant idea.

: We'd definitely come. Okay see you both on the weekend then you have 15 seconds to complete the.


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