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«My parents say the way they lived in the past was more secure. However, I believe that young people are given a lot more life opportunities nowadays». (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Being confident about the future is very important. Is it facilely to realize yourself in the modern world? The elders think the time of their growing was more encouraging, whereas others state that the present tense is reliable enough. Let me express my opinion.

I strongly believe that the modern world is very effective for realizing abilities. Firstly, it is easier to achieve success using only knowledge nowadays. For comparison, young people do not need to have lots of money or coat-tails as before. Secondly, they can easily change professions or lines of work easily.

There are many courses, seminars, and lectures which help raise the level of skills or acquire a new one. Thirdly, educational institutions provide opportunities for internships. Consequently, students gain new experience and get prepared for work.

Some people do not share the above given point of view. Parents say that modern education does not guarantee getting a job in contrast to their instruction. Besides, the opponents state that most extra classes are meaningless and useless.

I cannot support these statements. Speaking about the employability, I think modern education gives such knowledge that may be used in different spheres of life. For example, people can employ on various positions. As for extra classes, I consider them as a way to increase knowledge. There is a possibility that young people will need it one day.

In conclusion I should say that young people are given more opportunities for self-realization today than even before. I think the modern world is pretty stable to become successful.


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