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Many people are deeply concerned about the horrible high rate of suicide among teenagers.Do you agree with this statement? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The issue of teenagers’ suicides has caused a lot of controvercies. In this essay I intend to show you that it is a tremendous problem which require our attention.

First and foremost, when you are juvenile you are feeling alone.Secondly, striplings can think about their vices and be concerned about it.Emotionally standed children are often involved in dangerous games and chose wrong ways.Thirdly, youngsters may be utterly sensitive.Discrimination and insults hurt them.

On the other hand, some people are confident that high rate of suicides among adolesents is none of their business.Moreover, men and women believe in the power of parents who can influence on kids.Someone are sure all teens can decide their problems themselves.

Personally I do not agree with them.What will we do if we lose our brother or sister who could not stay with evil people laughing at them every day.Sometimes relatives are not able to see tortures and tears of striplings because they hide their feelings.Also there are problems which can not be solve without someone’s help.

To sum up, a big level of suicides among teenagers must be decrease.We should not let teens be upset and worry about something unimportant.Things would change whether everybody pay attention to people around us.

I really try to do my best when i was writing this essey. Hope, that it will help you in your preparations to the main exams. See you later)

Good luck!

P.S. Sorry for some grammar and lexical mistakes if there is some, as i said before- ai did my best.

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