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It is believed that supermarkets and hypermarkets are better than traditional areas and shops. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Most of people believe that supermarkets are the best shops for modern buyers whereas others say traditional shops more comfortable. What is better?

To my mind, new kinds of shops are better and have many advantages in our time. Firstly, big shops have many various goods owing to the fact that they have big size rooms and we can find any good without difficulties. Secondly, we have an opportunity to choose some products by ourselves in these stores. It helps us if we want to buy some vegetables, fruit or sweets as we can see them and weigh it rightly.

Finally, self-service system allows us to do our purchases quickly, not annoying other customers who wait their turn.

Nevertheless, others claim that traditional shops are more comfortable. The speak about these shops are less than hypermarkets so there are not much crowds of buyers. It gives them an opportunity to feel themselves free. Also, supporters of this idea say traditional areas and shops are located near the houses so it is more useful for dwellers of living districts.

I cannot agree with this idea because minimarkets or areas can be crowded like supermarkets. As far location, many big stores are located a few kilometers away living districts and everyone is able to reach it.

To sum up, I convince supermarkets more functional than traditional shops and their number should increase now.

I am fully hoping that you understood my point of view. Hope to see you later.

I am really hoping that this text will help anybody with the future exams)


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