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In the digital age museums are still important. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Are museums still important nowadays? Some people think that museums play an important role in our lives while others believe they have lost their values in the world of electronics. Who is right?

As for me, I believe that museums are an essential part of our life as they are our history. Museums tell us about our culture, traditions and customs. We should know, respect and be proud of our country history. Besides, museums help us to be educated and learn many interesting things which can be useful in future.

For instance, I visited museum yesterday and learnt the amazing fact that helped me to do my homework.

Nevertheless, one can consider this problem from another angle. Some people think that museums are useless in modern life. They will be replaced by online ones soon because they are more convenient. Another fact is that museums are not profitable any more, they need too much financial support from governments.

Despite my respect for this opinion, I can not share it because museums are important for the tourism industry and it brings a lot of money for providing museums. Moreover, I should not ignore the fact that many museums are unique. They have different things which you will not see anywhere else.

In conclusion, I want to say that museums are still useful and significant. People must not forget about them and try to visit them as often as they can. I hope that my point of view is understandable for everybody who has read this text. Thank you for yor attention.


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