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Роман «Мастер и Маргарита» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The novel "Master and Margarita" made an indelible impression on me. It is organically interwoven with the distant past and present, real and otherworldly. Through these story lines is the theme of truth. It seems to unite all the characters, cement the narrative. The model of crystal honesty in the novel is Yeshua Ga-Nozri. It is worth recalling the scene of the interrogation of Yeshua Pontius Pilate. A prosecutor, experienced by life, perhaps for the first time in his life saw an absolutely honest man. He is struck by the neighborhood in Yeshua of wisdom with naivety. In the head of the procurator does not fit, why this weak, frail person does not want to lie to save his life, because it's so easy.

The prosecutor would have been easier to accept Ga-Nozri for the feeble-minded than to believe in his absolute honesty, for only the existence of this man convicts everyone and everything in lies, in hypocrisy. As Pilate would like to save the life of Yeshua, he is afraid of the power of Caesar, exile. He, the great procurator, marked by the seal of power, is forced to hypocrite and lie, and this vagabond standing on the edge of the grave is so truthful.

Before his death, Yeshua says that he does not blame anyone for his death, but adds that "among the human vices one of the most important is cowardice."

Strange as it may seem, Satan appears in the novel as the second model of truthfulness. His honesty is somewhat different: this is the right of the strong. He constantly curses the lies of mere mortals and punishes them for this lie.

The author encourages readers to look at the world around them, to themselves, to realize how deeply a lie has penetrated our lives. Woland at the session of exposing black magic says his famous phrase that people have not changed. This is an important milestone in revealing the theme of truth in the novel. People in the majority remained false, envious, petty. "The Great Truth" of the novel "The Master and Margarita" can be called the thought of Bulgakov that great courage is necessary in order to resist the generally accepted norm of lies prevailing in society.


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