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Девочка с персиками (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Painting Valentine Serov "Girl with Peaches", written in 1887, - one of the first major of his works.

The painting shows the general favorite of artists who were visiting Abramtsevo at the time, Vera Mamontova, the daughter of Savva Mamontov. Looking at the picture, we see a very lively and tanned girl. She has big dark eyes, in which some kind of light hides. All flooded with light, bursting through the window, she stares at the viewer. This unusually invigorating sunlight saturates the entire space of a large and bright room. He plays a multicolored gleam on the wall, and on a hung in the pier a dish, and on the back of the chairs, and on the table by the window. Lying on the table and the candlestick on the right also reflects this joyful light. The silver knife that lies on the table shines brightly against the white tablecloth. Without lingering on the surrounding objects, light glides over the face of the girl, gives birth to her pink blouse playing a lilac and blue glare.

The girl's swarthy face is shaded with a general bluish tone of the picture.

This at first glance, the coolish tone is softened by the warm tones of the peaches and leaves lying on the table and ends in a sonorous tone of a red bow on the chest.

Looking at the girl, whose whole posture expresses impatient impatience, it seems that she only sat down for a minute at the table. Her nostrils are slightly inflated, as if she can not catch her breath from quick running, and her brown eyes glance sideways at us, as if plotting another trick. Despite the fact that her lips are seriously compressed, there is an abyss of childish guile.

When you look at the picture, you feel how it breathes freshness, youth and at the same time some kind of nobility. The furnishings of the room depicted in the picture are so cozy that it gives rise to a sense of security from the hardships of the surrounding world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the picture "Girl with Peaches" struck the then Moscow and became one of the pearls of Russian portrait painting.

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