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МАМА (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Mama! The very first and native word! Mother in the life of each person is the only one in the world, this is the most beloved person in the whole world. She gave us life and did everything to make us happy.

The baby first sees and hears his own mother. The first eyes with which the child meets are his mother's attentive eyes. The first voice that he hears is the tender voice of the most native person in the world. Mom lulls his child, shakes and sings a gentle good song. Mother teaches her daughter or son the first words. From the mother, the children learn for the first time what is good and evil, truth and lies. Mom is always next to her child - when he wants to eat, when something bothers him, when there is no one to play with, when he is sad and wants to be pitied.

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This mother does not sleep at night, when you have a fever, applying a compress to your hot forehead. Together with Mom, you first visited the puppet theater and circus, rode on a swing in the park and ate in the cafe the most delicious ice cream in the world.

My mother takes you to school for the first time and holds her hand tightly. She is very worried about what your school life will be like. Mom is near, when you bring out the first letters and words in your life. She was with you when the first task was correctly solved, the first page in "Bukvar" was read and the first line in the notebook was written. Mom is always there when there are no difficult tasks, quarreled with a friend or if it is difficult to make a choice. Mom gave you the first life lessons: about how important a true friend is, that he can not be left in trouble; from it you learned that first you need to "do business", and then "walk boldly." From mother you received the first lessons of kindness: you must respect the elders and always help the younger.

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It's my mother's experience that we decide what we will do next in life. It is difficult to find the right one, your way. It is not easy to find yourself, to choose the profession that you like, in which you can bring the greatest benefit. Mom helps to make the right choice.

An adult, just like a child, needs a parent's advice. Only my mother will always support in any good endeavors, and sometimes help out in a difficult moment. Perhaps, adult children treat their parents more anxiously than young children. After all, and now we ourselves sometimes regret that we did something wrong. And our mothers all forgive us, because they have a good heart. Mom, of course, very upset, quietly sigh, when you accidentally upset her, brush off a tearful sorrow with sad eyes and forgive you.

No matter how much we talk about our mother, this will not be enough. Each mother will do everything for her child. She will always worry about your fate no matter how old you are. She scolds her adult child, if there is anything, and will note all the good changes that have happened to her always a small native man. Our mothers will give everything for us to be real people.

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