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New Year! (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

This holiday is only once a year. It is expected by absolutely all people on earth from small to large. Waiting impatiently. Many in advance are prepared to meet him as befits. No, it's not a birthday, it's a new year! On New Year's Eve, under the battle of the chimes, everyone makes their wishes come true. Guess, and sincerely hope that it will come true in the coming new year. The sky shakes from the huge number of salutes, it completely shines, as if rejoicing with us. This night everyone receives New Year's gifts, and they are presented to others. Such a chic holiday requires preparation.

First of all, you need to decide what to celebrate the new year. After all, as everyone knows "how to meet the new year, so you will spend it." You must certainly dress the most beautiful of your wardrobe.

I decided (a) to wear ... (what?). But the festive costume is not the only puzzle. Still need to beautifully decorate the apartment: hang everywhere on the windows tinsel and New Year's lights ... And also dress up the main symbol of the new year - Christmas tree!

We need to buy new beautiful Christmas tree decorations, beautiful, colorful, bright tinsel, a radiant New Year's rain, and the main decoration of the Christmas tree - the star! To decorate a Christmas tree is always more fun in the company in which this holiday will be celebrated. This will bring the company closer, discharge the situation, create warm coziness and a cheerful atmosphere. I celebrated (a) a new year with my family, this holiday will be remembered for a long time, as a good memory. The main thing is not to forget about the treats - the festive New Year's table.

On the table it is customary to serve a traditional salad with olivier, herring under a fur coat and more. It's not about snacks - the main thing in the festive table is not dishes, but its serving. It is necessary to put a beautiful candlestick in the center of the table and insert a candle. You can find on the Internet original ideas for decorating the New Year's table, folding out origami napkins, making your own original tablecloth ... And it's very important not to lose sight of the friendly atmosphere.

Many people celebrate the new year with their family, someone goes to visit or receives guests in their home, and some people walk in the center of the city, enjoying the festive salute. That's how I prepared for the most important holiday - the New Year!

New Year!


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