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New Year3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter has spiked the city streets with sparkling snow, put on a luxurious outfit on the trees. The frost covered the windows of the houses with bizarre patterns, and the river was chained to ice chains. Icicles grew on the roofs of the houses. This means that the New Year is coming soon!

New Year is the most magical, most beautiful, most mysterious and fun holiday! From the beginning of December, the city begins to prepare for the festivities: the streets are decorated with colorful lights, majestic Christmas trees have grown on the squares of the city, New Year garlands twinkle in the shop windows. It creates the feeling that you are in a fairy tale. At this time, even the air is imbued with New Year's magic.

New Year is a holiday of childhood, because every adult with children's fervor waits for this holiday and is preparing for it. People buy presents to friends, relatives, loved ones, decorate Christmas trees, invite guests.

At 12 o'clock in the morning, under the battle of the chiming clock, everyone lifts glasses of champagne, makes wishes and believes in children's belief in their fulfillment. Happiness shines in the eyes. This is the moment of peace and harmony.

The children are eagerly awaiting the advent of the New Year, to find at midnight under the elegant Christmas tree the long-awaited gifts from Santa Claus, for they knowingly write letters with wishes. And it does not matter that moms and dads play the role of Father Frost and Snow Maiden and hide beforehand under the tree gifts for their kids.

The New Year is always magic. So many pleasant impressions remain after this wonderful holiday! Gifts, congratulations, a Christmas tree adorned with Christmas lights, a smart Christmas tree, cheerful laughter of friends, traditional New Year jokes, over which the whole family laughs with loud laughter, a festive program on TV. In the New Year holidays always show old films on a festive theme, fairy tales - these children's tales are eagerly awaited by adults, because everyone wants to plunge into this children's world of magic.

We are looking forward to a magical, beloved holiday. At home and at school we always decorate the Christmas tree, have fun with the guys, arrange New Year sketches, balls and evenings, and then we meet this holiday with our relatives.

Last year we went to the square on New Year's Eve. In the center of the square stood a stately Christmas tree, all strewn with lights. There was a lot of people. We had to come to the square in advance, as there was not enough room for everyone, and we arrived at nine in the evening. By midnight, the square was cramped, everyone danced, congratulated each other on the New Year and admired the salute. When the salute was over, everyone started to firecrackers, to light the Bengal lights. It was fun and did not want to go home.

New Year is one of my favorite holidays.

Every time we step over the threshold of the New Year, the soul becomes especially warm, because in a few days the Christmas Holiday will come! Christmas is an amazing time when the heart is filled with the expectation of a miracle ... And this miracle happens!

Christmas is one of the days when, according to tradition, all members of the family gather at the same table. On the eve of Christmas, people can not do without joy and fun - they arrange different games, girls guess at the betrothed.

New Year holidays are the most welcome and bright event in the life of every schoolboy. These holidays are associated with rest, fun, and pleasant pastime. People at that time skating, skiing, children making snowmen, playing snowballs, sledding on slides.

During this time, people are charged with positive energy and a good mood for the whole year.


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