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Love3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Love is an inexplicable phenomenon in our life. This comprehensive feeling, based on mutual respect, affection and sympathy for each other, elevates a person, makes his spiritual world deeper. But it must always be remembered that love, changing like the sea, is insidious and unpredictable, can bring happiness to human life, give it meaning, or even kill it, destroying it into thousands of smallest fragments. But, in spite of everything, people adore love, they dream of this great feeling. It has always been believed that true happiness in the life of man brings love. And if it is not reciprocal?

It was about this feeling that AI wrote. Kuprin in the novel "Garnet Bracelet". The history of the "relationship" of Princess Vera and her faithful admirer GS Zheltkov is a vivid example of unrequited love.

Did she bring a drop of happiness into the life of our heroes? Vera Nikolaevna, a cold, calm, indifferent aristocrat, has been married for several years. Did she marry for love? Unfortunately no! Their alliance with Shein was based on deep mutual respect and friendship and did not make Vera happy, did not endow her with the joy of motherhood. The monotonous life of a noble society did not attract the Countess, but, on the contrary, caused deep disgust. But in the life of our princess there was something mysterious, which caused in her soul that annoyance, then undisturbed excitement: a mysterious admirer who had been devoted to her for about ten years.

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G.S.Z. was madly in love with Vera Nikolaevna, the feeling for this woman was the meaning of his life. Over the years, love grew, penetrated into the most hidden corners of the hero's soul. He did not demand anything in return from Sheina, and did not even ask her to answer the letters: "Now in me there is only reverence, eternal worship and slavish devotion. I can only wish you every happiness and rejoice, if you are happy. "

One day, Vera Nikolaevna received a letter from him on behalf of him, to which was attached a garnet bracelet, a family relic of a passionate lover. He assumed that the countess could "throw out this ridiculous toy or give it to someone", but the very fact that her hands would touch the bracelet and that her eyes would regard these rare rubies made him happy.

It is the story of the garnet bracelet that will cause Zheltkov to die, go away because he realizes: "he wedged himself in some uncomfortable wedge" into the calm and measured life of his beloved. For him it is not permissible: to prevent the one who idolized ?! No ... He would rather die ... Here it is, unhappy love!

But is it unhappy? Did not a man of happiness experience such a deep love for a woman, while worshiping his chosen one, mentally bowing to the earth she walked about, to trees that she touched in passing ... Parting with life, he is a happy man, as an oath repeats: "Hallowed be your name!"

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