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Love2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Love is one of the most important feelings that is given to a person in life. It makes lovers kinder, purer, more perfect. Happy is he who lives with his beloved side all his life and goes into the world otherwise hand in hand ... And if fate will be enough to separate your loved ones? What will become of their feelings? Will they run out, forget? Not always! Love can be preserved in the soul until the end of a person's life: a loved one is no longer there, and he continues to remember and love him until his last breath. This kind of love goes through the centuries ... In the literature, many wonderful examples of this feeling are described.

Remember one of the wonderful stories about the love of Ivan Bunin - "Cold Autumn". The author practically does not tell us about the visits of lovers, nor about their wedding, children, or joint life ...

It does not tell because all this was not ... In the life of lovers only one cold autumn evening is described ... The evening before the groom's departure to the front ... Everything else is devoted a description of the feelings carried through the decades ...

But before there was a farewell party, when lovers walked around the garden. They did not want to talk about anything, sad thoughts crept into their heads. The groom, unable to bear the tension, asked: "If they kill me, you still will not immediately forget me?" Chuckling with an answer, she said: "Do not say that! I will not survive your death! "Survived ... Lived for a long time and ... not happy. She lived, remembering all these decades his farewell words: "... if they kill, I'll wait for you there. You live, rejoice in the world, then come to me. " It's amazing, but these words became for the heroine, like a guiding star ... For 30 years she tried to be happy, joyful and could not ... And constantly asked herself: "And what was all the same in my life?" And she answered herself: "... only that cold autumn evening. Was it once? Still was. And this is all that was in my life - the rest is an unnecessary dream. " I wonder what meaning the heroine puts in the word "All"? Perhaps that evening, the feeling that warmed them in the autumn garden, that illusory hope for a meeting ... All this, in my opinion, can be defined in one word love, carried through the decades ...


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