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Egypt (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Egypt was one of the most powerful states of the Ancient World. Numerous campaigns increased wealth and increased the territory of the state. The history of this amazing civilization is studied through various written manuscripts. Based on historical facts already in our time, amazing pictures are created, showing the way of life and life of the Egyptians. One such picture is "The army of the pharaoh in the campaign."

The picture depicts an army committing a military campaign. Legends were about the Egyptian warriors, and Pharaoh was credited with fantastic abilities. It was believed that the Egyptians own weapons of other civilizations and even space aliens. In fact, the people of Egypt successfully developed craft and created new types of weapons. The development of this civilization helped them to easily defeat their enemies.

There are infantrymen on the front line of the image.

They are dressed in the traditional clothes of the Egyptians of that time white. In the hands of spears and shields, and behind the belt are seen axes. The innovation of that time was chariots drawn by horses. They can be seen in the picture. The chariot rests on two wheels with spokes, which for that time was outlandish. On the axis between the wheels were attached special platforms for people. There were two people there. One ruled the chariot, and the other fired a bow.

Such an invention helped warriors quickly approach the enemy. The very appearance of such a chariot was frightening for the enemy. The enemies at first did not even understand that these are man-made chariots. It seemed that the gods themselves were fighting on the side of the Egyptians. The chariot was made of solid wood, and the sides and legs of the soldiers protected the leather inserts.

It is seen how richly decorated horses and soldiers. On the heads of the horses were put on the huge multicolored ostrich feathers. This entourage could easily confuse the enemy. The chariot was decorated with large plaques of metal.

Pharaohs of Egypt were very fond of rich jewelry and this they did not save. The picture shows that the rulers gave their appearance to appearance, beauty and aesthetics. Such an army always returned with victory and trophies. They brought gold to Egypt, drove cattle and of course slaves.

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