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Oksana (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everyone has friends, they change during life. Someone is leaving, someone is not interested in communicating, but I have my beloved friend. My favorite girlfriend is called Oksana, we are friends with her, as I remember myself. She is my support and support, even at night I can call her, she will help me and help me out. Her grandparents lived next to me, she spent all summer with them, so we spent the summer together.

Any memories from childhood are necessarily associated with Oksana. Despite the fact that we go to different schools, every weekend we spend together. She is my most devoted friend and part of my life.

Of course, there are quarrels between friends and I'm not excepting my friend. There were situations when we argued and took offense at home. And then they ran to each other again.

In our life there was only one quarrel, because of which I did not talk with Oksana for a month. To be honest, I do not remember the reason for the conflict, but our neighbor reconciled us. Since then we have realized that we can not simply be without each other.

I have a lot of common interests with my girlfriend. We like to read the same books, go to the cinema and theater. Maybe because we are friends since childhood, but we like the same things. So I always trust the opinion of my friend and buy new clothes we go together. She is my authority, only she can change my opinion. Of course, the word of the parents is important, but my girlfriend is closer to me in spirit, she understands me better.

We also rest together. In the summer, we sunbathe a lot, go swimming in the pond and walk with the dog Oksana. There is no day so that we do not see each other. When she leaves me she is very much in short supply. I do not even consider her my girlfriend anymore, she is like a sister to me. I do not have a sister and a brother, I am one in the family, but thanks to Oksana, I do not feel lonely and unprotected. In any dispute, my friend is on my side, it's simply impossible to argue with us.

It is a pity that my girlfriend does not live all the time with me, and she only comes to her grandmother on the weekends. I would like us to live next door. When we have families, then our children will definitely be friends. Our friendship is strong and indestructible. I do not even know that we can quarrel. Over the long years of communication, we have learned well each other and have learned to communicate harmoniously.

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