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birds (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The winter has come, snow is snowing and frosty. Winter is a joyful time for people, you can have fun during the weekend, skiing or skating, just walking in the snow. But for birds winter can become pernicious.

Many birds flew to warm countries to survive the cold season, they will return in the spring and will please their cheerful chirping. But what to do to those birds that stayed, did not fly away to warmer lands? In winter, they need people's help. If this is not done, the birds will die from cold and hunger, because in the winter it is very difficult for them to find food. In the hope of at least somehow quenching the feeling of hunger, the birds are flying closer to human habitation, they want at least a little warmth.

Therefore, we need to help the birds, and the first thing you can do is build a bird feeder and hang it on a tree branch.

Also, the feeder can be put on the balcony, so it will be more convenient to poultry feed the birds. The main thing is to make the feeder so that the food does not spill out of it, for this you need to cut a board at the edges. Still need to protect the trough from the snow, make a roof.

The first time the birds will be incredulous about the suddenly appeared feeding trough, they will be afraid to fly to it. But gradually their fears will pass, they will get used to it and it will be possible to observe the pleasure with which they eat the food stuffed with a caring person.

In the trough you can pour almost everything. For example, bread crumbs, seeds - their birds are very fond of. You can even hang a piece of fat on a string, it is a pleasure to eat the tits. If you watch them from the side, it looks very interesting - they dig into claws in fat and peck it, while swinging on the piece from side to side, like on a swing.

You can also pour any grains into the bird feeder, birds like it too. When they get used to the trough, they will constantly come to her. The main thing is to fill in the food in time. One feeder made by a person can save many birds, help them survive in winter frosts. And in the spring, in gratitude for the shown human kindness and participation, birds will please with their singing.

In public lies the responsibility for the helpless brothers of our smaller ones. For a person to make a trough is not difficult, it will not take so long, but for birds it is an opportunity to survive.

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