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miracles (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The time of miracles, Christmas ornaments and garlands is approaching. A fairytale atmosphere is about to spring up, so sometimes one wants to believe in a miracle. Outside the window, it's snowing, the children are sledging and making snowmen. Adults hurry home with full packages of products and souvenirs. Those who have not got anything yet - on the contrary, rush to supermarkets. The closer midnight, the wider the smile on the faces of passers-by, the stronger everyone is in anticipation of the new year and another chance to change their lives for the better.

There have been such cases with me, let's call them "little miracles". This is when you really want to get some gift, and close people are surprisingly guessing what exactly it can be.

At such times, you will not be able to believe in a special magic that happens only once a year.

I got to go home late at night on the eve of the holiday, after I met my friends. The street is stunning: from the sky, spinning, snowflakes fall one by one, windows flicker lights, shop counters are decorated with colorful lights and tinsel. I went to one of these shops to look after gifts to my relatives for the upcoming holiday.

And in the center of it is a tree, so big and elegant, and you feel that you want to see it at home as the main attribute and symbol of the new year, it's her and no more. It is artificial, but the present one is not necessary - it will be scoured and thrown out in the near future. Upon returning home, I go into the living room and see it, a lush, high spruce. The very one that I dreamed of. I stand in bewilderment, and the satisfied mother looks at the purchase, asks if I like it. Then they laughed together, they saw with the pope right after me a tree and decided to buy a Christmas tree. In one shop they were and did not notice each other.

On the same day in my room on the bed lay a kitten. Ordinary kitten, about which children dream, that they were presented with parents. Under the battle of the chimes a year ago, he made a wish for him, but did not inform anyone about it, therefore, as in the case of the fir-tree, it was a big surprise for me. And who said that there are no miracles? I called a cat a peach.

Under the new year, we all become a little kinder, we show indulgence, we try to guess the desire of the native person and see a sincere smile on his face, and to understand - the gift turned out to be successful. It is necessary to believe in a miracle, as it will immediately be fulfilled.

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