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V. Rozov (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"I wrote as I wanted and wanted, " - said about himself Viktor Sergeevich Rozov, the author of about 20 plays in the genre of socio-psychological drama. They went in almost all theaters of the country, they put Efros, Efremov, Tovstonogov. Love for simple worldly truths and attention to youthful characters - all this is the style of the playwright. That is why Viktor Rozov's thoughts on happiness will be of interest to readers of all ages. In his essay the author puts and tries to solve the problem of human happiness.

Undoubtedly, the question over which V.

Rozov reflects reflects in the category of moral. How many there are people, good and bad, everyone has their own vision of happiness. This problem is very urgent: the press, television, the Internet are literally filled with information that people are struggling to decide what happiness is and how to achieve it.

Viktor Sergeevich Rozov, reflecting on the problem posed, suggests that happiness is a comfortable apartment, good food, smart clothes, excellent health. But this is not important, because the author of the text clearly articulates another position: happiness "lies in the harmony of personality", when a person lives in harmony with himself.

I do not share the point of view of the famous playwright in everything. The fact that happiness is not a huge house with a blue pool, not clothes from the most expensive boutiques, are convincing us with dozens of serials, where the Cinderella heroines, finding themselves a prince in the palace, are deeply unhappy. It is not by chance that the phrase "The Rich also Cry" has already become a catch phrase.

But after all, the poor are crying ... Maybe the truth, as suggested by V. Rozov, is to join each of us in battle with ourselves. But for what? For the sake of happiness, which is man-made. But is it man-made? The words from the diary of the famous poetess Inna Kabysh, published in the magazine Ogonyok, come to mind: "A man is a blacksmith of his own happiness - this is nonsense. Happiness can not be forged, conquered, built. This misfortune must be forged, but happiness already exists. This hydroelectric plant needs to be built, and the river already exists. Happiness is not handmade: it is not the work of hands, but the matter of the eyes: it is necessary to see that these polynyas, holes, cracks and is a river. That this man, country, century is happiness. Happiness - this is not when everything is good, but when - everything! "This is my view of happiness appeals to me.

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