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About mercy (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Is there any place for mercy on earth, understanding, compassion?

help others and pity them? B. Vasiliev reflects on these questions

in this text.

It should be noted that this problem has existed for a long time, but it is also relevant

Today, unfortunately, I increasingly see indifference in people's eyes and

They pass by invalids, do not hear the requests of grandmothers, they are all

is equal to everything that does not concern them. And the question immediately ripens:

mercy and compassion, or can it be seen only in books?

this text, you can say with certainty that there is no. People know and understand

how terrible war is, how terrible it is to lose your loved ones, how to survive your own

children and this is what gives them a push to help, to realize that

sorry this man is just necessary.

The author's position is extremely clear and simple: in the world there is, it has been and will be

a place of compassion and humanity.

B.Vasiliev believes that it is necessary not to

only to regret a person, but also to give him everything that is in your power.

him his grief, and then he will understand that he is not alone, that he needs someone and

will become easier.

I agree with the opinion of B. Vasiliev and I think that remains in our time

all the same kindness and understanding. That's why they help refugees, they open

shelters for stray dogs, organize charity concerts, and

each supermarket has a small box with the inscription: "help the patient

child ". We are people and it is charity and pity that distinguish us from

animals, we must remember this and give others a piece of ourselves, give them

hope, faith in the future, understand them and help them.

And to confirm the validity of my convictions can literary


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Доверьте рутину профессионалам – подробнее.

Kudryavtseva's "Children's House.Lecca." This story I chose

because he is imbued with sensuality and compassion. In it, the mother gives

the last bread of his daughter, kindergarten teachers help

children, and they in turn help the starving fascists. it seemed

why should they help, "where did they just get the power on the grudge"?

this question is a simple childish answer: "Though a fascist, but alive after all!"

Military time is always the same, stereotypes break down, money and grievances disappear, and

mutual help, love and humanity remain. That's Leca, which survived

in childhood, the war and death of loved ones, grew up kind and compassionate

man, she became a physician who had a unique gift: "Pity so that

was not at all insulting. "

In the magazine "Korrespondent" I read an interesting article by A.Sergeev, in

which tells about the ancient Babylon, in which the patient was taken to

area, and every passer-by could give advice or just say

sympathetic word. This fact showed me that even in ancient times

people understood that there is no other's misfortune, there is no other's suffering.

Summarizing the above, I want to say that in the life of every person

there are times when everything falls off your hands, when depression simply eats away

man, and pass this person without giving him a hand, just

And who knows if you can be in his place, too?

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