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Frosty patterns on my window (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When I was little, my mother told me that Santa Claus was painting beautiful frosty patterns on the windows. For a long time I believed in it and every winter I was happy with these patterns, I looked at them. And in fact: who else can so beautifully draw fairy-tale drawings that can be seen only in a magic dream or in the Grandfather of Frost!

Years passed, and at school I learned that everything is much simpler. In fact, to make pictures appear on the window, only two conditions are required: the room should have high humidity, and on the street - minus temperature. The glass in the room is cold, on it drops of moisture condense and freeze, it turns thin ice. But the droplets freeze and become crystals not immediately, slowly, therefore they get such a bizarre shape, and from them such unique patterns are obtained.

How gracefully our nature shapes the windows! If you look at such pictures for a long time, you can imagine yourself in a magical land in search of the Snow Queen or Brothers of the Month.

It seems that now you will move this shaggy snow branch apart - and behind it will appear the light of a nearby fire. Or, conversely, it will become colder, frostier, and the entrance to the fairy-tale kingdom of eternal ice and snow will open.

And in some patterns, you can easily guess the images of fantastic birds and animals, mysterious creatures, beautiful fairies. It is a pity that the knowledge obtained from adult deprives us of faith in good fairy tales. So you want to make miracles happen really, and not according to the laws of physics or chemistry! So the plastic windows were invented, too, and frosty patterns do not form on them. Because, according to the laws of the same physics, plastic is not as cold as glass. And the magic patterns forever disappeared with the wooden windows, which we removed and carried to the trash.

But frosty patterns can be painted by yourself, for this even special paints are sold and other options are offered to paint glass, like toothpaste. But none of the people can do so intricately, so magically, as nature can do (or Santa Claus?).

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