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The world around and the person (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The surrounding world The surrounding world and nature is what surrounds our life, gives us beauty, warmth and the opportunity to love and appreciate the flora and fauna living in close proximity to man.

But with every decade, the surrounding world of nature is increasingly difficult to adapt to humans, to its destructive for the environment activities, the massive use and consumption of natural resources. Are we thinking about protecting our home, our Earth? Have we become hostages of industrial progress, when the world around us is being transformed into the good and convenience of man, while more and more constraining and pushing away the natural world of nature.

Unfortunately, man has not brought this world good. Over the past 400 years, we have destroyed more than 160 species of animals and birds. We occupied their places: they plowed up the land on which they settled. They cut down the trees on which they nested their nests. Hunted them, systematically exterminated. They poisoned them with poisons in the fields, which they also took away.

We use the world's ocean and pollute the water, we poison the air, releasing spent carbon dioxide into the sky. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of new technologies to improve the quality of human life, we polluted our planet and, even, began to pollute space with flying space debris.

the outside world and man

And we have a duty to nature and the whole surrounding world in which we are one with it. Our task is to preserve the riches of nature and restore them.

How to clean the environment from the past and present mistakes of a person? Perhaps it is the new technologies, using alternative energy sources, biofuels that do not pollute nature, can improve the ecology. But not only technological developments can correct the existing dangerous ecological situation on Earth. Only our awareness and unification of all people from all countries of the world, in the struggle for the purity of the surrounding world, will save our native planet from our mistakes of the past.


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