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Bread is all over the head (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are several valuable concepts in our life. This refers to land, water, sun, air and, of course, to bread. "Bread is everything to the head" - this well-known proverb has its roots in hospitable Ukraine. In this country, wheat is grown, from which bread is produced, from ancient times, from the very development of this fertile land. Our Slavic peoples have always been, and will always be, in the first place, caring for children and fostering in them a caring and quivering attitude to bread. There was even such a holiday, it was celebrated in the first days of the beginning of harvest - the first sheaf. The mermaids wore their most festive, embroidered shirts and went out into the field. So they paid homage and praise to the bread.

The bread was always treated especially, it was compared to life and the sun.

Bread, like a living creature, he is our breadwinner. Wheat is called respectfully - "Her Majesty". According to an ancient legend, the goddess of fertility Demetra people was given a plant - wheat, which they raised and made flour from it, and then baked the first bread. And since then, the life of all mankind has become simply inconceivable without it. And it's really: no dinner, no wedding, no simple everyday breakfast can do without bread. This valuable product is an eternal symbol of prosperity and well-being. Disrespect for him has always been equal to the terrible insult inflicted on a person.

Love and respect for him is instilled in every family from early childhood. It is necessary to explain that in order for a loaf of bread to lie on the table, colossal work of many people is required. Some work in the field, growing rye and wheat, others in flour mills, making flour from the grain, and only after this the bakers are baking bread for us. We should be grateful to them for such hard work. "So it was led in the great Rus, no family is sitting at the dinner table, if there is no bread on it. Every man has his own, beloved. Baked bread, bread, black, rye, gray, round, bricks and many other varieties are baked at grain mills. Keep traditions in the blood of every Russian person.

The bread has its own history, remember the lessons when we go through the Great Patriotic War? At that time, bread was really the whole head. What was the price of the bread crust in besieged Leningrad? She saved thousands of lives in this city. Perhaps that's why older people, especially those who survived this terrible war, never throw out crumbs from the table, they collect them and give them to the birds. Such a careful attitude they try to convey to their children and grandchildren.


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