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What does it mean to be a talented reader? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Being a good reader, I think, is as talented as being a good writer. This can be learned, as well as everything in the world. But talent is talent. When a person opens a new book, he discovers a new world for himself, a completely new one, unlike all previous ones, where he experienced, fought, loved, entertained, danced and enjoyed every word he read, every moment along with the heroes. A talented reader will not compare the already read with a new book that already lies before him. He is not a critic, he is a reader. And he reads for pleasure, in order to enjoy every new line of a good book and to enjoy the literary gift of the author, if he is very lucky.

Unlike critics, the reader should simply enjoy the book as such, read it with his soul, not with the mind.

Then you can understand much better than the most experienced critics, what exactly the author wanted to say in his work. After all, no matter what they say, any writer writes his works not to be read by some famous critic today or in the future. Most often, the main audience of any author is talented readers or just good readers. Therefore, every time a talented reader opens a new book, he knows that it is written for him. Probably, that's why he gets great pleasure from the reading process.

A talented reader always takes for himself something new, he does not just read a book, he lives the life of heroes. He lives with them their victories and defeats, he learns from their mistakes, he travels with them and becomes stronger. A real talented reader in every good book finds a part of himself, something that he lacked. For example, he finds advice that he really needed or a hero who is very similar to him. Sometimes he can see himself from the side in the description of a hero, it's not always the main character, it can be anyone. But seeing yourself from the outside is sometimes very useful.

A talented reader will never stop reading because he knows what a wonderful world can open for the reader of a book. He knows that in stories, short stories, novels and poems can be found much more than in the newspapers. He knows that the works of great writers can help much more than books on psychology. A talented reader, despite all this, is looking not only for use in reading, his main goal is pleasure. Therefore, it can be called a gourmet reading, as he enjoys good books, time-tested, or fresh, but always, certainly, touching and interesting.

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