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School years (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The school for each of us is a small life, but a big and important stage of it, which we are experiencing every once in a while. Everything starts and is born from a small one: the flower grows out of the seed, the fruit tree from the stone, the words composed by the authors into sentences become novels, of the seven notes, great musical works are composed. So a person from a small first-grader becomes an adult school graduate after ten years.

We, as students, learn all the basics of science in school. Only then, when we enter adulthood, they will be useful to us. Then we can confidently, relying on the mind and all the knowledge obtained within the walls of the school, to apply them with benefit in practice. The conclusion is this: education is simply necessary for man.

At the present time, unfortunately, many schoolchildren treat their studies incorrectly.

They believe that youth is given to man only for entertainment. This situation needs to be radically changed. It seems to me that even at home in the circle of relatives, you can and need to be taught how to love to learn. Very much in this respect depends on relatives: moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, older sisters or brothers. They can still explain to a young child before school on a personal example how they were able to use the knowledge they received first in school, then in higher education. Then he himself will slowly begin to understand that without fundamental knowledge not only of objects, but of life itself, it will be very difficult for them to live with a modern, so fast-moving world and society.

We all dream about the future.

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Доверьте рутину профессионалам – подробнее.

It is in our thoughts necessarily safe. But to achieve this, you need a lot of effort. That's just the knowledge and can be a great help in this. It is necessary to set a specific goal: first a school, the study of two foreign languages, then study at a higher educational institution, the receipt of a diploma and only after that one will be able to think about interesting and highly paid work. It is agreed that one hundred per cent with their peers is that not all subjects are equally interesting. But you need to overpower yourself and try to find in these seemingly boring topics, something interesting. To do this, it is not enough just to scroll through the textbook, you can search any topic on the Internet, visit a museum or an exhibition hall. School is only an assistant, you have to rely mostly on yourself.

We are studying in a modern two-story building, built on a standard project. It is located in the central part of the city, on a very beautiful street. Around the school planted a lot of trees, it is all buried in the greenery of their crowns. Our school is very modern, it has equipped computer classes and classrooms in various subjects. All the school years I will remember forever, as it is not only the knowledge gained during this time, but also a large number of friends.


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