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Puppy (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Parents managed to instill in me love for everything alive, so from the very childhood I really love animals. I always wanted to get myself a pet, take care of him and be responsible for him. But the parents said that animals do not belong in the apartment, they are children of nature and should live in the street, but the idea of &񗜻&񗜻a pet did not leave me. When we went to the village, I was very envious of the village guys, because every house had several dogs and cats. And my grandmother also had a dog named Bublik, I always loved to play with her.

One day in the early summer, when I was with my grandmother on vacation, she sent me for bread. I went on the usual road, and on my return home I saw a small puppy. It was gray with white "socks" on the legs and a white collar on the breast, its fur was long enough, the ears were raised in the tops, and at the tips of the ears were small tassels, its tail was fluffy and long.

I leaned toward him, and he ran up and began to play with me. This little gray wad of wool with a constantly wagging tail was very affectionate and cheerful. And he was hungry, I broke off a piece of bread and gave it to him, he ate it with greed and looked at me with imploring eyes. There was so much naivety and kindness in those eyes that I could not resist and beckoned him to me. Without rushing, he rushed after me, jumping up and down cheerfully. I was afraid that my grandmother would not let me leave him, but my generous grandmother was very happy for the little guest. We fed him milk and gave him another loaf. He was very pleased, constantly trying to lick me and still did not stop wagging his tail. My grandmother asked my neighbor to make a booth for him, we laid the bedspread there and gave him a separate bowl, we called him Smoke because of his gray color. I played with him all day, always on time, he always walked with me. We were inseparable, he became my best friend.

When parents arrived, they were surprised to see a small miracle in the yard. But still they did not allow us to take Dymka to the apartment. I really did not want to part with him, but I had to. But I came to him almost every weekend and brought a variety of delicious food and rubber bones. He still lives with my grandmother, now he is big, but still as good-natured and playful. I really love my Smoke and I think that meeting with him was the most interesting meeting in my life.

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