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Flowering meadow (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Once in the end of spring we had a photo contest "Spring Landscape". My friend and I decided to participate in it, so we went to the village to my granny. And where else can you find the most beautiful scenery? Only outside the city, in the cradle of nature. So we took a camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood in search of a beautiful place. Spring is a wonderful time of the year, it's already warm in the street, the bright sun is warming, everything is buried in greenery and in multi-colored buds around. We walked, breathed fresh air and just chatted. Lena photographed everything around: fields, forests, squares, etc. And suddenly we entered a small grove, reaching its end, our view was struck by the amazing picture that opens before us.

It was a picturesque flowering meadow, it was so beautiful that it seemed to us, we are looking at the picture of a brilliant artist.

Meadow variegated in different colors and smelled sweet natural fragrances, as if someone accidentally spilled a bottle of expensive perfume. The juicy green grass spreads around, like a carpet with a thick pile. The flowers in the meadow could not be counted, and small and large - for every taste. A bright spot here and there, poppies were burning. Like little suns the dandelions blossomed, a clover clutched the earth with a dense carpet. Blue cornflowers, like pieces of azure sky, rise skyward. Here and there you can see snow-white tiny flowers of blooming strawberries, in summer there will be many berries. Around fly and buzz beetle-bees and bumblebees, collecting a tasty floral nectar, to make from it the most delicious honey.

Lena said that this is the most beautiful spring landscape that she only saw. She began taking pictures from different angles. Our trip was a success, we went home pleased with ourselves. Sending photos to the contest, we were looking forward to the results. Thanks to the spring flowering meadow, we became finalists of the competition and earned a new camera. We were very happy, and our spring landscape was hung in the school in the foyer.


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