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Anniversary of the school (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

All the most significant events in the life of everyone begin in school. The school is the foundation of our future, the temple of science, the place where character is formed, and knowledge is acquired, strong ties, friendship and love are established. This year our school celebrates its 45th anniversary, it's not just a round date, but a significant way for our school. Thanks to the sign that hangs at the entrance, each student knows that the school building was built in 1971. The school was built as a temple of sciences and knowledge, at that time it was a grandiose, comfortable and comfortable building: large windows, high ceilings, wide corridors, equipped classrooms, and today the building's architecture evokes awe in the shower when you enter the school corridor.

I got acquainted with the school when we came to the first class, where the kind, but demanding Larisa Stanislavovna was waiting for us.

This sunny day of September 1 was forever imprinted on my memory, when I, a little girl in a white blouse and with big bows, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers, crossed the threshold of this, I thought, grandiose, huge building.

I did not go to kindergarten, so the beginning of school life was a bit disturbing for me, but pleasant, joyful and memorable: holidays, performances, excursions with teachers and class guys. For eight years I have been studying in these walls, which have become native to me.

We are all very proud of this significant event, and everyone, teachers and students, is carefully preparing to introduce our beloved and native school to guests from other schools. I participate in the scene, the management is preparing a whole concert program, and, of course, scientific presentations and open lessons. "Everyone is worried because we really want everything to be perfect.

I would like our own school to work and flourish for many more years, that every day it would become better, there would be more good, kind teachers, that children would like to come here to learn only positive assessments.

On the 45th anniversary of my favorite school, I want to wish everyone that the years lived together in this school are forever remembered, and in memory there were only pleasant, bright memories of the past years.


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