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Diffidence (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When my parents want me to cope with a task, they usually say: "Be more confident!"; "Do not be shy!"; "Believe in yourself, and you will succeed!" It often helps, but sometimes I still can not believe in myself, I doubt, I'm afraid to take the first step.

This applies not only to actions, but also to appearance. In order to feel beautiful, I sometimes need the approval of friends or the attention of classmates, because when I look at myself in the mirror, I find many shortcomings.

It seems to me that this is self-doubt, and this is a real problem not only for me, but for other people. I think that each of us at least once in his life was unhappy with himself or doubted his strength, which is absolutely natural, because no one is perfect.

For me, now it matters a lot about what others think about me. If they praise me, thank me for something, or admire me, it certainly raises self-esteem. On the other hand, if someone suddenly laughs at me or the teacher makes a remark at the lesson, it can ruin my mood for a long time and make me feel insecure.

At such moments my mother usually calms me and says that now I'm too dependent on someone else's opinion, but it will pass with age.

In the future, I will learn to trust myself and see my strengths. In the meantime, the visit to the theater studio helps me to struggle with insecurity.

In the classes at the school of acting, we often show various sketches and put on performances. At first I was very afraid of the stage and shy of the audience, but every time it becomes easier for me to overcome myself. I think that soon I will really be able to get rid of many complexes, which will help me feel much more confident, freer and more relaxed, and also to succeed in life.

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