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Flood (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Flood. I heard a lot about it on TV, as well as in the lessons of the OBZH in the school, where they tell us how to behave in an emergency situation. I myself, fortunately, never faced such a phenomenon, but as a child, when we were visiting relatives in Moldova, I had to go through an earthquake, so I know from experience that any natural disaster is very scary.

Now I live in St. Petersburg, where there is a serious danger of floods. During the rainy season, the water in the Neva here often rises more than a meter and a half, and threatens to get out of the coast, as it was in 1824, when the element killed nearly six hundred people and destroyed many houses.

I know that in my city on the Gulf of Finland there is a special defensive dam.

In the most dangerous moments, when the water level in the river becomes critical, special shutters are closed in this structure, which, of course, suspends the movement of vessels along the Neva, but it helps prevent flooding.

Despite such serious security measures in St. Petersburg, the likelihood that the Neva can come out of the shores is still quite large. Realizing this, I often ask myself, what would I do during the flood?

Our teacher OBZH says that the main thing, being in any critical situation, is to try to keep calm. I absolutely agree with him, because panic often makes a person commit rash and dangerous actions. I also know that during a flood, if there are no other ways to save, it is necessary to climb to the upper floors of buildings or even climb onto the roof.

I think that, following these rules, you can really be saved from the flow of water. It also seems to me very important to try to help other people survive the elements, but at the same time, do not forget that it's not everyone is to be a hero, and therefore correctly calculate your strength.


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