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My school (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For many of us, the school has become the second home. In its walls we grow, we grow up. Here we gain knowledge, we are friends and quarrels, in life everything happens. School years are called wonderful and remember them all their lives. It's not just a place where you get education - it's something more. In school years, many of us decide who to be, we choose our own way of life.

When people grow up, they realize that there are several places that one always wants to return to-a parent's home and a school. Our school is relatively new, it is only 30 years old. All my neighbors went to it, since it is located in our microdistrict and you can walk there simply by walking. Behind the building is a large sports ground, on which we are engaged in physical education classes. There is everything: both racetracks, and various sports shells, and gates for playing football, and a volleyball net.

In front of the school building are very beautiful flowerbeds with colorful flowers that we plant ourselves and take care of them with the help of our biology teachers. My parents also lived in this area, they also went to our school. As my mother says, the classes were large and very bright, but they do not compare to ours, they are more modern. Now we have separate computer classes, where we can do computer science lessons. But something from the old times still remains in our school - it's tables in the chemistry class, tables and charts - in the mathematical class and many portraits of classics in the classes of literature and the Russian language. This remained unshakable and, as it turned out, very necessary. As before at the school desk, and now at the stylish table in the school years, our character is formed, the logical thinking and attitude to the world develops. Learning the basics of knowledge, we can better understand not only others, but also ourselves, loved ones. A competent person is better versed in the environment, he reads a lot, many are interested. All this we get in school, this is the basis for our further knowledge, which we will receive after graduation and admission to higher education. Why so often do we see announcements about meetings of graduates of different years? Probably because this house is a school, they became really native for them and they, having grown up, are gathered in it as in a parental home. Memories of the school - the most pure, fun and enjoyable, there are no adult problems that we will face as soon as the last bell rings for us. All of us will be grateful to the school for the knowledge we have received, and for our faithful friends who can remain so for life. Speaking of school, one should not forget about teachers. These are our faithful helpers and mentors in the life journey, at the very beginning. They are our second parents, to whom we listen, we learn a lot of new things. Their role in the life of each person is very great, they prepare us for an adult and sometimes very difficult life.

Every year we are waiting for the summer holidays, but here they are, and at the end of August I want to go back to school, meet friends, find out who and how spent the summer. We miss our and our teachers and our own, our own home, our school.

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