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My girlfriend (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person has many true friends, who are always fun and interesting. With them we spend a lot of our free time, share secrets, discuss different cases of life and read books. I have one such faithful friend Veronica. She has very beautiful brown eyes, a long braid and, in general, she, unlike me, is somehow very mobile and dexterous. With her cheerful character, she is always the ringleader in any company.

We have been friends for a long time, ever since we started going to kindergarten. Our friendship, I think so still so strong, because we have many common interests: our parents are friends, we are in the same class from the very beginning of our school years, we have similar tastes in choosing clothes, even flowers, and those we like the same. I really love my girlfriend, I'm never bored with her.

She always comes to the rescue herself, I do not even have to ask for this, I try to imitate her in many ways. She probably has a stronger character. My Veronica has a great sense of humor, she is never angry. She studies better than I do. It's not difficult for me to ask her if I do not understand something about the school curriculum. I know for sure that she will not laugh at me, but just explain. This is real friendship. After all, mutual assistance is a very important quality that real friends should have. Veronica belongs to the category of such people who can be trusted and know for sure that she will not tell anyone.

She does not hesitate to admit her mistakes, although she has very few of them. She can laugh at herself, but not over anyone else. We together with her cooked in a classroom KVN a whole number and all very much. Recently, Veronica had her birthday. I thought a very long time about giving it to her. I have learned from my grandmother to weave from beads various knick-knacks, including ornaments. After consulting the grandmothers, we decided that a gift made by ourselves would be a pleasant surprise and a good gift. So I did. When I came to Veronica to congratulate her, I presented her with a bracelet in a beautiful box, which she had woven from a multi-colored bead. I know for sure that she liked him, it was evident from her radiant smile. She immediately put on a gift on her wrist and then did not take it off all evening, constantly looked at and admired them. Now I'm learning Veronica beadwork. If she wants something, then she will definitely achieve it. And I'm very glad that I can help her, because we are the best friends. I really treasure our friendship with Veronica.

My girlfriend


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