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My hobbies (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What about my hobby? This is most likely what I am doing with great pleasure in my free time and at home. It is different for everyone, for example, my mother likes to embroider, dad - go fishing and hunting. This is their hobby. Today, it has become very popular to play computer games. Some of my friends take away all their free time. And I feel sorry for losing it this way. Or maybe this is due to my passion for music. Since my early childhood, I already wanted to learn how to dance. Mom and Dad gave me to the school of choreographic art in the class of ballroom dancing. Not everything turned out so quickly and well, how I would like it. Sometimes there was a desire to give up everything and do something else. But the music won.

Today I'm already at contests, my life has become much more interesting.

In our school also teach dance lessons on rhythm. It is much easier for me to master all movements of various dances, both Russian folk and Latin. Now I can easily give polka, mazurka, cha-cha-cha, waltz and samba.

Each of the dances has its own history and tradition. They originated in different countries, for example: Poland is the birthplace of the mazurka and polka, Austria - of course, the waltz. In the classroom we are not only taught rhythm, but also talk about music, composers and the history of dances. Today Latin America is so famous for its dance parades and festivals.

Most of all from such a variety of dances, I like tango and waltz. Now I know for sure that at the graduation party, when we graduate from school, I will be able to dance this dance - a school waltz. In my opinion, his personal opinion should be able to dance without exception, because he is so beautiful.

Today, with full certainty, I can say that dancing is not just a hobby or a hobby, it's all my life. I can not imagine how I would live without them. Every time I go on stage, I'm just overwhelmed with excitement, but as soon as the music sounds, it immediately goes away and I go out and show everything that I was taught and what I achieved. Everyone, including my parents and friends, comes to my speeches, they are rooting for me and very worried. Scene and dance are not just words, it's the meaning of my later life. I have very beautiful dresses for performances, they are made by my beloved mother. She is very proud of me and my success in dancing. What can be better than this? What can I tell my peers? Dance, I'm sure that from this hobby and you will get a tremendous pleasure. Even if it is not a professional stage, it will be satisfaction for oneself. Everyone knows how to dance, you just need to develop these qualities!


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