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Who I admire (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Probably, each of us had a person on the path of life who could be admired. For me, this is my teacher of Russian language and Russian literature - Valentina Afanasievna Doroshenko. I have many favorite teachers, but this woman for me is considered an ideal from the very first class.When we, still very young, came to our class on September 1, she became our first teacher in primary school. We studied and she, it turns out, too, but we are in the afternoon, and she graduated in absentia from the Pedagogical Institute. When we moved into the fifth grade, Tone managed to get her education in a higher educational institution and now she worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature, that is, in her specialty.

These subjects, in my personal opinion, are considered very complex, but at the same time fascinating and useful.

It would seem that the interesting can be found in the rules of the Russian language? They just need to be learned once and for all, that's all. But in practice it turns out that this is not quite true. They still need to be able to apply correctly, then both written and spoken will always be correct. And in the text there will be no spelling errors. Not everything depends on the complexity of the subject, the most important thing is to understand how the teacher tries to convey to us all his knowledge gained. Why do I admire my teacher? I just understand how much effort and time, not only my working hours, but also free, she gives us.

Valentina Afanasyevna always very calmly and with an even voice, without raising her tone, explains her subjects. She takes a lot of time to prepare for each lesson, so everything is perfect. For her lessons, even no one is late, because everyone does not want to miss a lot of interesting things, about which she will tell. These 45 minutes of the lesson are always memorized: we study the endless expanses of the ocean with the name Russian language and literature. She always asks us how the material is learned, and if something is not clear, then she explains it again.

It is especially interesting at literature lessons. We learn from our teacher very interesting biographies, listen to stories about the work and life of writers and poets. She came up with the final lessons on some particular work. Such classes are often conducted in the form of games, KVNs, quizzes. We stage plays from these works. When we are asked to write compositions, Valentina Afanasyevna tries very carefully and thoroughly to disclose his subject. It helps with drawing up a plan, gives sources from which you can take the necessary material for work. Thank her very much for her work.

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