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Aquapark (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the summer, I had a birthday, and my parents decided to spend it ... in the water park. We went with the whole family, chose a special Friday, since visitors on this day are a little less than on weekends. At first this idea seemed to me not very tempting and interesting, I thought that we would go to a cafe and sit together there all together. But, as I was wrong!

The vast territory, which is assigned to the water park, is divided into two different zones - child and adult. In each of them different entertainment attractions. So, in the nursery there was a wave pool, in which waves are included on a special schedule, which is written at the entrance. There are artificial rivers in this basin with currents and twists, it was so cool to swim in them, sitting in a special bright circle.

After riding on the circle of my younger sister, we all went to the "adult part" of the water park. And there is also a cafe, and a sauna, and sushi bars. My dream came true, in the cafe we &񗜻&񗜻still sat and celebrated my birthday, very delicious were fruit cocktails and ice cream. Dad stood under the waterfall and drank a cocktail from the tube, we took a lot of pictures, then to recall the whole day in detail already sitting at home on the couch.

Mom did a light massage, and she at this time, just reclining in a very comfortable chair right by the pool.

Then we went our friendly company, of course, to the slides, there is a great variety and quantity. The discoverer was, naturally, Dad. He climbed a very high hill, lay down on his back, folded his arms and just flew down with a shout of "hurray." Daddy's a joker at all in life, but when he was already downstairs, we asked why to shout so? He answered "For fear". We did not dare to repeat his route and moved off a smaller hill right in the circle, it was very cool.

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Impressions are simply stunning, especially when at the end of the slide you get into the funnel, and then you fly into the pool water. All would be nothing, but the ascent to all these attractions is long enough, but then for some seconds you find yourself already in the water again.

At the entrance to the water park, we were given multicolored bracelets, which we put on our wrists. With their help you can open and close the lockers, where we left our clothes. In the bracelets are built-in sensors for the time of our stay on the territory of the complex, and for paying for different purchases (food, drinks, watching films in 5D format). After we spent the whole day at the water park, we had to go to a special terminal where it was indicated how much more to pay for all our pleasures. I really liked the service, we, as newcomers, did not know much. We were happy to tell everyone and explained where and how to go.

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