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friendship (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person has close friends, they are both classmates and like-minded people. From a very early age, starting with kindergarten, then school, university, army, at the enterprise, even on vacation - everywhere there are different people to whom we prefer. Not always these contacts turn into real friendship. It can arise everywhere, there is yard, on the Internet and many other examples. Friends can help in study, work, in trouble and share joy. Lonely and self-contained people find it more difficult to live, it's more difficult for them to reveal their qualities and see them in others. Only in communicating with a friend you can reveal in all your best qualities. It happens that there is a quarrel or conflict, but real friends are not afraid.

They will always overcome all these disconnections, since they understand each other with a half-word. With a positive and friendly attitude, each helps his friend, protects and defends his interests. Today, friendship seems to me to be slightly transformed, it has undergone some changes. I do not really believe in the sincerity of friends found on the Internet. Yes, you can talk and discuss some movies, music, events, but this is most likely for casual friends.

Friendship is something that is not given to everyone, so you need to cherish it and try to save it for many years. It is said that there can not be many friends, but if there is one and the present, this is very important. It often arises if there is a kinship of souls, or common interests, in this case, friends understand each other with a half-word. I have a real friend with whom we started to communicate in the kindergarten. Now we are in the same class, our parents are also friends, but not like us. We have our own secrets and dreams, and I know for sure that they are only with my friend and no one will know about them, he is a real and faithful companion.

My mother told me for a long time that I should treat others also, how I would like them to behave towards me, I try very hard to stick to this advice, so I try to always listen to a friend and he does the same thing. One I I know for sure that if suddenly a misfortune happens to me or my friend, we will come to each other's aid without a moment's hesitation. After all, friends are known in trouble - this very wise proverb accurately characterizes the actions of a person in the most extreme situations. Together you can solve the most difficult problems. I consider myself a very happy young man, because I have such a trusted, loyal, reliable and devoted friend.

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