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Each of us was helped or sympathized. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Each of us was helped or sympathized. People's answers to the above question may diverge. Someone needs to be sympathized with, and someone needs only real help. How many people, so many opinions. I think that real help is much more important. Ask the poor mother of a seriously ill child: you need to sympathize or pay for the treatment.

A homeless person does not care about your regret, he struggles to survive and is glad of any help. But this does not mean that sympathy should not be in our world. Many can not be helped. You can only sympathize and thereby support. As an example, I want to cite Maxim Gorky's play "At the Bottom." The author introduces us to many heroes. I would like to highlight such characters as Bubnov, old man Luka and Satin. Heroes are notable for their different opinions on the topic of empathy and help. Bubnov believes that a person is born for death and there is no need to feel sorry for him. He completely denies himself and others, his despair is engendered by unbelief. For him, the truth is a cruel, murderous oppression of inhuman circumstances. Luke's truth is the truth of compassion and faith in God. The old man in itself is kind, inspires everyone with hope and makes them believe in themselves. Satin believes that a person can believe in himself and hope for his strength. He sees no point in pity and compassion. Maxim Gorky gives the reader a choice. I'm more inclined to the truth of Satin. It seems to me to be correct. The opposite of Satin is Luke. Showing compassion and sympathy, the wanderer "kindles" a little hope in the hearts of the dwellers. Weak people need support. Strong can not break the difficulties. Summarizing the above, we can conclude. As early as the beginning of the composition, I answered that a person needs more real help than sympathy. Few can help other people in the difficult moments of life. Therefore, they sympathize.


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