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Who will win in future, a teacher or computer teaching children? (Сочинение на свободную тему)

It goes without saying that computers have become an integral part of our life and we can hardly find a sphere of life, where we do not use computers, education is not an exception…

Some people are even predicting that one day computers will completely replace teachers at school. Let us imagine such a picture: a nice classroom full of kids who are sitting comfortably in front of computers’ screens studying different subjects silently at their own place… Let us go further… Empty classrooms, empty schools… Children get their education not even leaving their home. The only thing they need is a computer and connection to the Internet. Is this a future of our education?

Those who believe this picture will come true will name a lot of benefits of this situation… First of all, a student can plan when and where to study. Just imagine, you can study everywhere: while travelling or sitting in a caf&覡… Secondly, there is no need to spend time on the way to school and in traffic jams.

Do not you agree, that time is the most precious thing nowadays?

If we compare the amount of knowledge of a computer and a teacher, the teacher will never win this fight. A computer’s memory is endless and it has a variety of tasks and tests for all levels so as to train all groups of students. Besides, a computer can give any answers to any questions with detailed explanations and images. It can do it very quickly, I am sure… Secondly, if you want to study foreign languages, you can find all the language teachers of the world in one place. Isn’t it wonderful? Furthermore, if you want to study geography you can be taken to any part of the world with just one click of the mouse… Another important advantage is that a computer never will give you unfair marks.

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Доверьте рутину профессионалам – подробнее.

It will help you to find out your real level of knowledge. Without doubt, computers’ possibilities are endless and we need more than 3 minutes to list them. But despite all these advantages, I assume that the computer will never be able to replace the teacher and there are some reasons.

First and foremost, information which a computer possesses, is not the same as knowledge. The teacher with his life experience, feelings and emotion always contributes into every student. No computer will be able to help a student to solve his psychological problems, for instance, comfort him after getting a bad mark and cheer him up for further success. This is much more important especially nowadays, when psychological condition of students is not stable. Moreover, teacher can explain the material in different ways if a student does not understand it. A computer will never be able to find individual approach to each student… Can you imagine your school graduation ceremony and yourself giving flowers to computers and thanking them for what they have done and what a great role they played for you all those years!

To sum up I wanted to say that I believe that computers will never be able to replace teachers.

Let’s finish our speech by imaging the following picture… A nice classroom full of kids sitting comfortably at the desks having a lovely conversation with their teacher and each other. Of course, they have computers on their desks but they use them to make the process of studying more enjoyable and interesting.


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