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The role of technical progress (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The role of technology in the world is to make our life easier and cheaper, to economize our time, that's why we are very glad hearing and seeing new innovation. Today science is closely linked with the needs of the people, that's why the future role of technology in the world is big.

The developments such as: internet, mobile phones, cars, planes, television, computers and so on are very useful for us. For example, internet nowadays is the most important and integral thing of our life. People have no time to go shopping, that's why it exists online shopping. This kind of business is permanently growing. Buyers find a product of interest by visiting website. The disadvantage is what consumers are at higher risk of fraud, but, in general, it's good, because people are busy at work, that's why they choose online shopping.

I hope that in future we will see more changes, explosions of technical advances.

Today's achievements will not seem anything great in ten-fifteen years, because every day new devices, inventions appear. I want to say that the appearance of computer stimulates the development of economy in different countries. Lots of operations, which not long ago could be carried out by thousands of people, are decided in few minutes, getting us rid of unnecessary difficulties. Economists, lawyers, book-keepers are resorting to the help of computer information. We do calculations without difficulties. I am proud that technological progress develops very quickly.

There are some disadvantages of high technological progress. People lose the desire to work, they become lazier and do not move a lot, because of it appears problem of obesity. Also we are afraid of radiation, we are afraid not to sit at home, because robots can replace us.

In conclusion I want to say, that I praise those, who invent various technologies. I admire those, who invented such things as washing machines, the fax machine and so on. We watch the piece of paper going into the fax at the same time, on the other side of the world, it's coming out of somebody else's machine. Progress is always good. Without progress there would be no change in medicine, in our life. First of all, no doubt, the development of science and technology influence our lives significantly.


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