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Темы: Mobile phones, Risky sports. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Mobile phones.

Communication plays very important role in our life. It helps us to get in touch with our relatives, friends and business partners very quickly and efficiently. We also enjoy chatting with our classmates over the phone.

No doubt, the mobile phone has changed our lifestyle for the better and it has become a must-have everyday personal item. It has also become a key social tool. We send SMS messages, we download different applications on the phone which let us use it as a music player and an internet browser.

Modern mobile phones have cameras and we can take photos wherever and whenever we want, which is very convenient. Some people enjoy playing games on their phones.

As for me, I use my mobile phone for reading the latest news, for watching films, for finding important information and for keeping in touch with my relatives and friends. Nowadays, I use some applications for studying. For example, I use it as a calculator, I have Mendeleev’s table in my phone and sometimes I look up unknown words in the dictionary.

Risky sports

Nowadays life has become extremely stressful and monotonous and action sports offer an escape from the boring daily routine. Such sports as skydiving, BASE-jumping, scuba-diving, water skiing and rock-climbing give people a rush of adrenalin that they can’t get anywhere else.

Risk-taking has other benefits. It reduces stress and as people pick up a new challenge they return back home after doing such activities confident and strong enough to solve all their problems. All their inner fears disappear and risk-takers pride themselves on being courageous and able to do these sports.

Any risky sport is not only a personal test of skill, but it is also a thrill and a pleasure that can’t be compared to anything else. They enjoy the moment of freedom while hang-gliding or skydiving and the colors of caves while rock-climbing. Those amazing minutes of freedom make them hooked on the activity and this risky sport becomes the essence of their life.

Two years ago I made an exotic journey on a hot air balloon. It gave me a chance to look at landscapes from a new angle and admire the beauty of the countryside. It was a wonderful experience.

I think that more experiences we have, the riches we become, and the more we have to share.


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