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Why do we need poetry? (Школьные сочинения)

People have been creating poetry for centuries. It goes without saying that this is one of the most important forms of self-expression of humanity and each person singly. The poems reflect the history, experiences and feelings of people. In addition, it shows us life brighter and more profound. So is poetry really significant and could we live without it?

To start with, poetry gives us opportunities to feel the world differently and get other emotions from simple things.

omanticizing our life by dint of poetry makes it easier to accept and understand many unavoidable events or our own feelings. Definitely, each of us at least once felt a deep connection with author when empathizing with their experience. Actually, even the most distant person from poetry may be under the powerful influence of verse and deal with their emotions. Nonetheless, not everyone can write poems as beautiful as well-known authors did.

However, poetry lives inside each of us. When you catch inspiration it is such a magnificent feeling, you just pour out all your thoughts with a powerful energy, looking for better ways to express yourself, experimenting with different phrases and ideas. I believe it is the real therapy.

On the contrary, what would we do without poetry? What else can awake sensuality in us as well as poetry do? The human soul isn't revealed like this anywhere else. If you ask me, I understand my feelings and this world best when I read other people's verses or structure my thoughts into poems. Furthermore, it makes you relax and feel not so lonely. What's more, we wouldn't now all the beauty of languages, because poetry is the speech of our soul and sometimes even the most beautiful words can't show what we feel.

In conclusion, I want to say that poetry is a gift for humanity. I think, most people do not realize how much poetry affects us.


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