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Text about books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The last 15 years with the development of high technologies advances many people spend their free time on social networks and read books less. This problem encountened in a lot of countries but I am going to write only about Russia.

In Russia with technological progress and the emergence of social networking, reading books to die as all the free time people paid to internet. For example, in libraries and bookshops plummeted attenclance . Russian people is fased with this problem and start to solve it. Such as the emergence of e-books funthermore online versions of the literature on the internet. In Russia this 2015 year was declared the year of literature . These measures take effect on people and just recently reading books was again revived.

In contrast not limited to ations on the revival of reading helped people to see again the interest in literature, I suppose that no one who influenced social networks in which there are rude and uneducated communicating with whom self-respecting person would not wath to talk moreover go to a lot of intelligent and pleasant company erudite people. In order to get into such a society it is necessary to comply with. Need to be smart and a lot of reading . In my opinion teenagers and young adults tend to get into decent people and the environment is a sample wished they endeavor to study and interest in books.

Finally, I would say that exciting experience as reading books doesn’t die and the social networks, other activities can never their move.


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