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Аннотации American teenager's magazine, «Double Act» (Школьные сочинения)

Annotation №1.

I have recently read story from American teenager's magazine about two young girls who divided somewhat 20 years ago, but we still found each other and met.

I was surprised that they looked like 2 drops of water, but they didn't know anything about each other at all. It all started with the fact that acquaintances on the street began of confuse them, and later Shirley's friend said that he saw her mirror Image. They found each other on the Internet and began to communicate, they turned out to be identical twins. Since then they have become best friends. I couldn't help smiling while reading it. Such happiness to find out that you have a twin, and to establish communication.

Thus, I can make a conclusion, I want to recommend to read this story to my friends, relatives, and all teens because there are such stories when families are reunited. Family is very important, so many people will like such a heartfelt story.

On the whole the story is good. It's worth reading.

Annotation №2.

I have recently read an extract from "Double Act" by Jacqueline Wilson about identical twins who do everything together.

I was surprised that they do everything at the some time.

uby and Garnet are ten-year-old Identical twins who do everything together, especially now that their mother died three years earlier. It turned out that they have a special language. They have a lot of inveted words for things. And they also use gestures to signal each other. This is necessary in order to start something at the same time, for example sneezing or laughing. Obviously they find it funny when people around them get seared. Their "Double Act" certainly worries and even scares rose, the new woman in their father's life. It was fun for me to read this.

Thus, i can make a conclusion is story can be recommended to children and even adults who have brothers or sisters because this is a real story about friendly twins. I think it's a lot of fun. Not all children, even if they are identical twins, are so close to each other. Therefore, especially for children it will be useful. I Iiked this passage despite the fact that I am the only child in the family.


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