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All that jazz: Commenting (Школьные сочинения)

The text now commented upon is taken from an British online newspaper. The title of the text serves a brilliant opening as it carries information about the content, and a potential reader can easily predict that the text is going to be about jazz musicians, who left their mark in history of jazz.

The article is divided into 4 separate parts, each referring to a particular musician. For the purpose of introduction the author of the article gives a brief information about such exceptionally outstanding musicians as Art Pepper, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra and dwells at some important milestones, turning points and even dry spells in their careers.

Though the article seems to be complicated enough with all these dates and numbers, it is still of interest to those who are not indifferent to music.

I think the stories described in the article would appeal to readers of all ages and occupations, as the musicians painted the landscape of Jazz with colours that will never fade, and they managed to make the 20th century sound more energetic.

Before reading the text, I definitely heard the names of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra and I found it useful to learn some more facts from their lives. For instance, I was shocked to learn that Ella Fitzgerald's career lasted for 60 (!) years and one of the biggest hits was sang by her at the tender age of 21. What's more I didn't know that such exceptionally gifted and talented woman had to drift between record labels in order to find her unique and contemporary style.

But what I call a real eternal music is works by Frank Sinatra. In my eyes he is forever associated with Christmas, all remember «Let It Snow», what a sweet song! Saying nothing of that velvet, soul healing voice, of course. I enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra when I want to relax and fall under the spell of his voice.


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