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Sports and games popular in England (Школьные сочинения)

I expect you know that England is known to be a sports-loving-nation, and many of the games started in

ritain. Speaking about the most popular games in England, I can't help mentioning football, rugger saying nothing of cricket.

Next to football, the chief spectator sport in British life is horse-racing. A lot of people are interested in the races and risk money on the horse which they think will win

Besides, scores of people indulge in golf, hockey, swimming and boxing as well. If you are keen on tennis, you might have heard that it's played all the year round - on hard courts or grass courts in summer and on covered courts in winter. Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon are known all over the world and courts of Britain are occupied by fans, shouting for their favorite players.

Frankly speaking, I was shocked to learn that winter kinds of sport aren't popular with English people.

roadly speaking, the English winter isn't severe enough, and it doesn't afford excellent opportunities for skiing, skating or tobogganing, for example.

However, it's the great time for hunting, provided the ground isn't too hard

Despite of the fact, that golf is known to be very expensive pleasure, it has firmly established itself in favour in England and there are dozens of good golf-links within an hour or so of London.

esides, if you enjoy playing golf you ought to join a golf-club.

Among indoor games the most popular in England are billiards, table-tennis and chess. Although they seem to be rather boring and slow, the results of these games are studied and discussed by thousands of enthusiasts. Frankly speaking, indoor games are popular with old people mainly, for them to play chess of dominoes is a good way to meet new people.


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