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The door of opportunity Summary Part 3, 4, 5 (Школьные сочинения)


Now and then Alban and Anne stayed at Prynne, who was the manager of the rubber estate, and frankly speaking they both liked him.

Besides, he was the only Englishman to live there, that's why Alban and Anne couldn't but be friendly with him. He had been a little shy of them at first, considering them to be highbrow. However, he turned out to have charm, making up for many more commendable qualities, and Alban with feminine sensibilities was especially susceptible to this. It gave Alban pleasure to play piano for Prynne, it must be mentioned that he played with peculiar delicacy, moreover he would never refuse to play domino with him

You see, Prynne lived with a native woman and even had 2 children by her, and he must have been very ashamed of it, but Alban found it ridiculous. The children, considering Anne to be stunning, took fancy to her and it was kind of her to bring them some lovely toys from Port Wallace and Prynne could not do enough to show his delight and gratitude.

Broadly speaking, he wasn't thrilled with the thought that in several months Alban and Anne would leave him, because they were really easy to deal with.

To make things still worse, the Chinese, working at his rubber estate, became disorderly and unamenable.

And one day a ghastly thing happened. While discussing something, Alban and Anne heard loud voices and cries, and a unconscious half-caste was brought in. From head to foot he was covered with blood and Alban inquired what had happened. The Chinese were reported to have risen suddenly, and they attacked the manager's office. Prynne was killed, and the assistant managed to escape. He saw the rioters loot the office and throw Prynne's body out of the window.

Anne expected her husband to go to the estate without hesitation and to kill the Chinese workers, but to her greatest surprise Alban started asking the assistant silly question, wasting time. Anne even beseeched him, but he was impossible to convince. You see, she hoped that Prynne's wife and the children had managed to escape and there was a chance of saving them, it was his duty to try to find them. However, Alban got exasperated and answered irritably, that it was no use going there just at that moment, as the price of the fault was too high and he couldn't risk his life and his policemen's.

Alban determined to send a request for reinforcement, in order to attack and defeat the rioters.

ut it would come in 2 days only, and hearing it Anne couldn't help crying and dismay appeared on her face. She realized, that her husband turned out to be callous and repulsive, that was the thing she couldn't bear and without saying a word she went back on to the veranda.


Thinking about Prynne's wife and the 2 children Anne couldn't help feeling thrilled,

Besides, she realized that she and Alban had nothing much in common and she didn't love him passionately anymore. You see, having sent a request for reinforcement, Alban did his official work, paying no attention to Anne's sufferings. To make things still worse, every morning he played the piano and rode on the horseback. He seemed to have sufficiently forgotten about the first difference of opinion, and taking for granted, that Anne had accepted the wisdom of his decision he remained a cordial and amusing man.

On the third day, while drinking coffee, Alban and Anne heard the sound of a motor boat approaching, Alban was convinced that reinforcements must have come, and he was right. He left the bungalow in order to meet the captain and an hour later he returned with Mr. Stratton, who had been sent with twenty men to quell the riot. He was so energetic, as if trying to show his greatest desire to attack the Chinese immediately, and frankly speaking, it blew away the feeling of apprehension, reigning in the bungalow.

However, Alban pointed out to him the inadvisability of such a course. In his opinion, if done so, they would be noticed by the rioters without doubt. Alban expounded his own plan to the captain, and being impressed by its accuracy Stratton couldn't help accepting it.

They set out at sunset, Captain Stratton and his twenty men, Alban with his policemen and the natives he had collected and after a while they reached the border of the spacious estate and landed at last. It was their lucky to catch the Chinese sleeping, and hardly had they shot, when a fat white man rushed towards them yelling. He turned out to be the manger of the timber camp. He reported the riot to have been quelled already and of course Alban got confused. The manager wasn't courage, however living in the country for many years, he would never let a couple of hundred Chinese frighten him. Fortunately, Prynne's wife and the children managed to escape,

A week later Alban received an order to go to Port Wallace where he was to meet with the Governor, and it must be pointed out that Alban was a trifle vexed.


Having explained the reasons for his decision, Alban looked at the Governor attentively. You see, he was quite convinced of the tightness of his action, but unfortunately the Governor was impossible to convince. In his opinion, not having quell the riot by himself, Alban covered the Government with ridicule.

ut it didn't occur to Alban, moreover he was entirely indifferent to people, gossiping about his cowardice.

To stay in the bungalow waiting for the reinforcement was a grave error, I think. It must be pointed out that the risk turned out to be small. It was wise of the Governor to give Alban the opportunity of resigning, but Alban found it ridiculous. Taking everything into consideration, the Governor couldn't help discharging Alban and mildly speaking Alban was taken aback, but he did his best to conceal it.

After he had left the Governor's office he determined to go to the club, where he had run into the same spiteful and narrow-minded people, who recanted his cordiality and superciliousness. They must have been triumphant hearing about Alban's firing. However, to my greatest surprise it were they to feel ashamed, not Alban. You see, they couldn't realize how he managed to remain so self-confident in such situation, and one more disposed man even condoled with him.

A fortnight later, having done all the final preparations Alban and Anne arrived at Port Wallace in order to wait for the launcher, going straight to Singapore. While staying at Port Wallace, Anne received a very kind little letter from the Governor's wife asking her to go and have tea with her, and without hesitation she went there. The Governor and his wife felt sorry without doubt, because they loved poor Anne and they would never make her suffer, however her husband deserved to be discharged.

The next day when on the board of the ship Alban found a large parcel, containing an enormous powder-puff. Hardly had Anne seen it, when she got pale immediately, however she set forcing herself to smile. You see, to get such a present was shocking, that's why Anne threw it passionately overboard when Alban had left.

In the long run they reached the destination and sitting in the chair in London's hotel, Anne heard Alban coming. It was typical of him to ask if Anne was alright, but to his greatest surprise Anne told him she was going to leave him forever. Frankly speaking, Alban didn't believe his eyes, however soon he realized Anne wasn't pretending. To make things still worse, she accused him of betraying everything they stood for. You see, being cultivated, well-bred and clever man he had no right to be coward, allowing other people to make fun of them.

When told about it, Alban burst into loud sobs, as he must have loved Ann very much and he didn't want her to leave him, but nevertheless she ran out blindly stabling.


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