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Dialogue: Theater in Russia. Nutcracker (Школьные сочинения)

- Hi, Sasha, where are you coming from?

- Hi, I'm coming from the play. Have you ever seen ballet “The Nutcracker”

-No, I never have. Tell me more about it.

- “The Nutcraker” tells about a little girl who had a dream about an adventure with The Nutcracker through wonderful places: they saw dance of snowflakes, fought with th

at King and danced among the flowers and saw the Dragee Fairy.

-Sounds very interesting.

I heard about this ballet before. Did you like the performance?

- Yes, I did. The performance was quite interesting, everything was so new to me, because it was my first time at the real theater.

- Wonderful! Do you know when the first performance was set?

- The first performance was set on 1892 at the Mariynsky theater. The ballet itself was written by the infamous

ussian composer Peter Tchaykovskiy.

- The ballet is still popular among youngsters, isn’t it?

-Yes, it is. And I must tell that yesterday there were a lot of young people same age as me. The Nutcracker is a light and kind story perfectly suitable for Christmas.

-I think so too. What can you say about the performance itself? Was it good enough?

-Yes, it was. It was clear that dancers step into their roles with every part of their mind. Even if they don’t speak, the acting they had shown was fascinating to watch.

-If I were you, I’d focus on the one dancer and watched him for the rest of the performance.

-I could not focus on something certain since every detail of the ballet was attracting. They did a very great job on making a good decoration.

-Was there any dancer you already know?

-No, there wasn’t. I saw them for the first time but I gain very special memories.

-Wish I’ve been there to see such wonderful peace of art! I'm not really a big connoisseur of art, but sometimes I like to go to the theater or museum.

-Thank you for sharing your opinion. I was really interested in listening to you and your opinion.

- It was nice talking to you. You're very interesting.


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