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Great american writers и Ways to improve poor social skills (Английская Литература)

The first

At school we learn a lot about authors such as Ray Bradbury, who wrote the book "Fahrenheit 451", Stephen King, who is famous for his horror stories, and O. Henry. His works we read even on the literature lessons.

I do not really understand a book world, but I'm interested in films and serials. They are often based on books, so I guess that I can say, that I've read a lot of books.

I want to consider the work of Jay Asher, that called "13 reasons why". He wrote the book, but I saw a serial, that was the film adaptation of it and I loved it so much. It is a story about a girl Hannah, that left a box with 13 audiotapes after her death. On these tapes she talked about friendships and arguments between her, her friends, and her schoolmates too. She also talked about relationships between teenagers and adults.

I choose this book because I think that it shows us really actual problems.

The girl explains all her actions, arguing for them and saying what she could do to avoid that situation. It helps the viewer to understand what he can do, if something is wrong in his life, to not repeat her fate. After watching this serial, you understand that teenagers often don't realize that their mistakes are fixable. They are more sensible and impressionable than they seem.

The author showed us a very bright picture of the inner experiences of the characters. He illustrated it extremely detailed.

In my opinion, the great american writers are so famous because of their specific view on the life.

At the end, I want to say, that all writers all over the world are the best in their spheres of art.

The second

Some teenagers in our world are suffer from their shyness or self-isolation. It can seem really strange in the 21st century, in the era of internet where you can just tap buttons sitting at home in front of your computer that is much easier than talking, but it's true. Actually, in my opinion, talking tet-a-tet is harder than be in a company and keep the conversation going. (3)

I guess, that the first step to become a more outgoing person is to understand that you need to do something and want to work on yourself. Some people know that they are timid or unassuming but they don't want to change. It's their choice and it's normal.

Then, when you understand that you need to be more outgoing you need to find the way how to do it. I can offer to find some sport clubs with team activities such as volleyball, football, basketball and so on. If you are a creative person you can try to go to the dancing club, music or art school or something like that. Apart from this you can join to some communities in the internet, in the interesting for you theme. There you can try to talk to people who do the same to you activity or hobby. Considering that points that you are too shy to do it, you may just ask some questions about your hobby as if you are new to it. (9)

I can't say that I am a modest or humble person, but I have some difficulties in communicating with other people. I tried to talk more with my classmates to solve this problem this year and it helped me a lot. If you ask me about what i did, i answer you that i was just writing them with questions about homework, what the teacher said, what we should do, how the person did it and so on. I also answered questions in our class chat.


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