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Feminism is about equality of genders (Сочинение на свободную тему)

- Hi Inna, what's up?

- Hello, I'm fine, thanks. And you?

- Great, thanks. What are you doing?

- I'm working on an article.

- Wow, what are you writing about?

- This really complicated topic. I'm writing about female-specific terms and how important to use them

- Oh, really? We’ve talked about it in my English lesson recently. And what do you think about it?

- Well, I think that using feminine nouns is normal. In the modern world, women are increasingly taking up professions that were previously considered only male. However, the names of some professions were not separated by gender. So why can't women, who have the same rights as men, call themselves what they want? I think it's about feminism.

- Interesting opinion, but I think that feminism is about equality of genders.

And new female nouns oppose nouns to which we are already used to and which are always considered as nouns for any gender. Trying to make up special terms for women, you become a sexist because you separate men from women. It won’t help to achieve equality.

- But if men have special terms, then women should have them, too, shouldn't they? Isn't this equality?

- I don't know./. I'm still sure it's not right.

- Okay, but separating terms into male and female can sometimes be very useful when we want to convey the identity of the person we are talking about. In English, if we want to indicate the gender of a person of a certain profession. For example, we don't need to say female actor, because we can just say actress. Why not use it?

- Well, dividing people into men and women, you define their limits. It’s 21th century, you know, and lots of people don’t want to identify themselves as one of the two sexes. There are many genders nowadays. For example, non-binary people say that their pronoun is they. So, we should make up specific terms for them, too.

- Hmm, I never thought about it.

UT. For some women this topic is very important. The use of special terms means the independence of women, securing a certain social status for them, as well as an equal position in society with men. For some women, the ability to talk about themselves in women-specific terms is freedom.

- Fine, but I don’t understand them and think they are very weird. Moreover, in some languages female nouns sound extremely awful. For instance, Russian. «Photographinya» or «Deputatka» sound like a joke, really. If you say such words, nobody will treat you as a serious person.

- Yes, it sounds crazy to some people.

ut how do we indicate the profession or status of men and women?

- I guess we have a compromise. It's gender-neutral terms. Like a firefighter instead of a fireman, a server instead of a waiter or a waitress and so on. What do you think about it?

-This is a really good idea. Moreover, these words convey equality well. I think I'll burn my ridiculous article.

-Don't burn it totally, I'm sure there are many interesting thoughts. Just rewrite it using new information you got. Now I have to go. Good luck with your article, see you

- Thanks for the idea.



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