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Письмо и репорт (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The information presented in the table shows the popularity of each available social networks. Whereas Facebook is considered to be the most popular (70.7%), Twitter (5.2%) is the least. YouTube (50.3%) ranks just below Instagram (60.5%) and about a quarter prefers TikTok (20.4%).

The table shows a significant difference in what social medias respondents opt for. Facebook is a great deal more popular than Twitter, having a 70. 7% popularity rating, against on of only 5.2%. As noted earlier, Instagram barely eclipses YouTube, which has 50. 3% of people expressing a preference for it.

The statistics presented in the table point to an underlying problem. As Facebook and Instagram are teen’s favorite social networks, it is clear that young people enjoy share personal events with friends, but it can be dangerous if you inadvertently publish private data that scammers can use.

However, this problem can be solved if the teenager's account will be private and he will be able to track all his followers.

In conclusion, I believe having own social network account is important. Nowadays social media platforms play big role in every teenager’s life, because this kind of communication the most comfortable and modern.


Hello Mark,

Many thanks for your email. Good to hear Fromm you.

I’ll gladly answer your questions about health lifestyle. Well, I don’t do anything special to stay healthy. I have saturated lifestyle and I walk a lot and eat well every day. I think that health and strength depend on psychological, mental state of a person. If human happy and blissful his soundness will be okay. Strength is developed by physical activity. In my opinion, healthy lifestyle is very important for every person. As we say in

Russia: "A healthy body makes a healthy spirit».

That fantastic news about your summer holidays! How will you get to your cousin? What will you do in Poland? What are your expectations for summer holidays?

Зlease write back soon.




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