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Learning more than one language is a waste of time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people consider that learning different languages is beneficial for mental health. Also, it can be a good skill for your future career. On the contrary, others argue that it is useless to study many languages nowadays because of having translators on mobile phones.

According to my opinion, I’m keen on learning foreign languages. To begin with, it is a way to spend your leisure time with benefit and pleasure. Studying is never going to stop, so you are able to improve yourself continuously. Moreover, knowledge of foreign languages is the skill that every successful employee should have to get a good job. In addition, there’s a fact, that people who practice more than one language have a less probability of getting mental diseases.

However, there’s an opposite opinion, that maintains on the lack of benefit from learning languages.

First of all, a part of students doesn’t know a native language. Therefore, they don’t consider that it’s necessary for them to study another one. Secondly, we have great opportunities to translate something using convenient apps.

I strongly disagree with the statements given above. Firstly, everyone has the ability to study languages and other sciences. If only you wish to excel at something, you will achieve it. The last but not the least, technological progress can’t help you to communicate with foreigners. Neither special apps nor devices assist you with communication in the real life.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that learning languages are a pleasant process, with helps you to get more knowledges about countries.

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